Brad Pitt flies to Budapest to meet Angelina Jolie

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Brad Pitt flies to Budapest to meet Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie and hubby Brad Pitt, the most sought after Hollywood couple, have not given much to the gossip mongers that they are still the couple, very much in love. They are still not letting any negative publicity create any sort of a distance between each other, maintain their stance as one of the happiest couples in tinsel town!

According to reports doing the rounds, Brad Pitt flew down to Budapest, with his kids, to meet up his lady love Angelina Jolie, where she is busy with her directorial debut film ‘Love Story’, and spend some quality time with her, making all speculations of their souring relationship fly down with a thud.
Hollywood stars Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have has an almost forever speculations going around about their relationship status, ever since the two met up on the sets of ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’, and gelled almost immediately.

The hot couple are also well known as Bragelina, and are still considered as being one of the most prominent and dynamic couples, ever to have stepped onto Hollywood. Having 6 children, the two never tire of their daily chores, and Brad is always seen as a great support for the kids and Angelina, who always appear to be at comfort with each other, irrespective of where they are or whom they are with!

Angelina, who is shooting a film with a top leading Bosnian star actress playing the leading lady in it, has the story based in Bosnia, is right in the middle of the project, and was glad that Brad Pitt, who was shooting for his flick ‘Moneyball’, went that extra mile and left his schedule to be with his family.

This has really made everyone sing praises about the great relationship that the couple shares, in spite of being as busy as they are in their respective projects!

Well, guess some people are born stars! Good at everything they do! Right?

– Sampurn Wire

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