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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bollywood News: Should Rajinikanth slog away so much?

Playing a superhero isn’t a cakewalk. Every nerve in an actor’s body is strained and when the actor is 60 years old, the toll will obviously be exacting. Rajinikanth has been hospitalised twice in the last few days. Should he strain himself so much at this age? That’s the question we’re asking our readers.

The fan is always greedy, always wanting to see more of that jaw dropping stunt, but seldom mindful of the slog that went into it. And Rajinikanth has been known to be selflessly committed towards delivering what the fans yearn for, limitations of a body that’s braved a career of stunts notwithstanding.

In Rana, Rajinikanth plays a triple role. The leading character is a warrior and the film’s first look shows him wielding a sword. He is expected to do a lot of stunts in the film.

Last Friday, on the film’s inaugural shoot, Rajini was hospitalised briefly after he vomited on the sets. On Wednesday, he was taken again to St. Isabel Hospital where the doctors are treating him for bronchitis and viral fever. The superstar will reportedly be under medical observation for two days. His daughter Aishwarya has placated his worried fans by saying that Rajini sir is doing better than before.

So now, as Rajinikanth is hospitalized for the second time in less than a week, the question looms large: should he slog so much at this age? Shouldn’t he just take it easy?

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