Brad Pitt All Set to Marry Angelina Jolie?

Friday, June 10, 2011

Brad Pitt All Set to Marry Angelina Jolie?

The latest Hollywood gossip is Brad Pitt is all set to marry his long time girlfriend Angelina Jolie. There are high chances of them getting married as they are pressurized by their kids to do so.

The 47 year old Pit started dating Hollywood actress Angie Jolie in 2005 after his separation from his first wife Jennifer Aniston.

Few days back, Jolie had confirmed her commitment towards Brad Pitt by adding a new tattoo on her arms.

Pitt admits that their children are putting high pressure on them to tie the knot, so he’s planning to get marry Jolie.

Isn’t it something great? Hopefully they tie the knot soon, but more importantly for Brad, let’s hope it’s not another disastrous married life!

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Articlescode said...

angelina jolie so sexy...

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