Michael Schumacher to promote ‘Ra.One’??

Monday, September 5, 2011

Michael Schumacher to promote ‘Ra.One’??

Shahrukh Khan is doing everything possible for the promotion of his upcoming flick Ra.One. The latest we hear is that at the upcoming Noida Grand Prix, the superstar get Formula One sensation Michael Schumacher, to drive a car, carrying the name Ra.One on it.

Ra.One releases on October 26.

The Grand Prix is all set to take place in Noida on October 30.

Tells a source to the tabloid, “The idea of tying up Ra.One’s promotions with the Formula One race in Noida is entirely Shah Rukh’s. The details are being worked out. If all goes according to plan, Schumacher will be racing in a car that says, Ra.One”.

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