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Monday, September 5, 2011

‘Speedy Singhs’, a treat for bhangra, hip hop lovers (Music Review)

Film: “Speedy Singhs”
Music Directors: Sandeep Chowta, RDB, Jassi Sidhu and Rishi Rich Productions
Singers: Veronica, H-Dhami, Jassi Sidhu, RDB, J-Hind, Ludacris, Manjit, Nav, Sarb and Nindy Kaur
Rating: 2.5

A total Punjabi soundtrack is not something you see very often, but Akshay Kumar’s production venture “Speedy Singhs” is an album that is meant for the lovers of bhangra, which has been mixed with hip hop. Composed by Sandeep Chowta, RDB, Jassi Sidhu and Rishi Rich Productions, the songs will make you tap your feet.

The album begins with Veronica and H-Dhami collaborating to sing the song “Ne aaja ve”, which has a romantic tilt. A club number, this Punjabi-influenced track is moderately paced. While Veronica hums the English lyrics, H-Dhami has added the Punjabi flavour.

Up next is “Shera di khom” that is a new version of the title track of 2008 film “Singh Is Kinng”. The song that has Ludacris, RDB, Manjit, Nav, Sarb and Nindy Kaur behind the mike is already being liked by listeners. A fusion of hip hop and Punjabi music, the track talks about the laurels of the Punjabi community.

“Sansar” makes for an interesting composition. It is a racy track crooned by RDB and J-Hind. The song, once again a bhangra-cum-hip hop rendition, manages to stand tall among other tracks and holds the attention of the listener.

The album also has a wedding number – “Veer da viha”. An out and out Punjabi track with no western influence unlike other songs in the album, it is sung by Jassi Sidhu. The song is actually a slightly different version of the song “Veerji Vehon Chaleya” from RDB’s album “Aawan Ni Aawan”. In this version, the lyrics have been altered a bit.

Finally the album sums up with a traditional Punjabi song “Rail gaddi”. This version has been sung by Jassi Sidhu and is quite similar to the original song but with a few more beats and modified lyrics.

On the whole, the album is a Punjabi music lover’s delight. While most songs are suitable for a DJ’s console, they might get more value with visuals.

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