ABC Cancels Charlie’s Angels

Monday, October 17, 2011

ABC Cancels Charlie’s Angels

Well it seems as though a show that was just getting off the ground was grounded after the cancellation of the show Charlie’s Angels. The reboot of the classic 1970’s franchise starring Minka Kelly, Rachael Taylor and Annie llonzeh has become the latest in being removed from television. ABC pulled the plug on the television show despite a heavy marketing campaign and Drew Barrymore on board with the television series as an executive producer. Critics claimed the program was lame and its premiere on September 22 to only eight million viewers hurts the ratings which in turn hurts ABC.
In fact this past Thursday night only brought in six million viewers, it was slowly on the decline anyway.
Sources say while the production of the show shut down, ABC is planning on airing some of the remaining episodes that they have already shot to fill in the time slot.
There were some individuals that were sad to see the show being taken off the air, while others claimed it was something of a repeat of the old Charlie’s Angels and people just aren’t into that anymore.
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