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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Jennifer Aniston Not Pregnant And Not Getting Married

There have been some reports that Jennifer Aniston wants her fans to know that she is getting married and that she is pregnant. These are all vicious rumors. Jennifer told sources that her and her boyfriend Justin Theroux aren’t going to be having children anytime soon.

She also confirmed reports that she is NOT pregnant and this is another stupid rumor. If she looks less than perfect in recent pictures, the actress admitted that she has quit smoking and therefore has gained a few pounds. The actress also cleared up the other rumor and that is the fact that she has absolutely no plans to get married yet. She told sources it just doesn’t fit into her schedule right now. And it is hard to juggle her career against the rumors floating around about her now.

She told sources she was married once, referring to her marriage with Brad Pitt which ended in 2005. And she doesn’t know if she will ever get married again. She told other sources that she can’t tell the future but at the present moment marriage is out. In other words as of today she has got no plans to get married or get pregnant.

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