Lindsay Lohan Doing Community Service With Red Cross

Monday, October 17, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Doing Community Service With Red Cross

Lindsay Lohan is doing her community service with a new organization. On Thursday sources stated the American Red Cross in Los Angeles explained that Lindsay Lohan is in fact doing her community service with the group.

The sources were not sure on what date she started or what type of work she is doing.
Lindsay Lohan was doing her community service at a women’s shelter in downtown Los Angeles before going to the Red Cross to assist them. Sources say she is actually doing a little bit of everything. A spokesperson for the actress couldn’t say why she wasn’t with the first organization the court assigned her to.
Right now, Lindsay is trying to get through her community service no matter what she does and get back to her own way of living. It has been quiet in the life of Lindsay Lohan for a change. Not a lot of partying and so forth going on.
Her family is proud of her for doing what she is doing with the Red Cross and at the women’s shelter and they are hoping the judge will see that too. Perhaps her mind has changed or matured some and she will be a totally different Lindsay Lohan.
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