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Monday, October 17, 2011

Simon Cowell’s X Factor Has Been Changed

Wednesday’s episode of the “X Factor” has been put off until the baseball rain delay is over. Simon Cowell’s competition in singing will now be seen this week on the second episode starting on Thursday and then on Sunday.

However, Wednesday was supposed to be the date of the starting of the judges home round and yet rain affected the American League Championship between the Texas Rangers and the Detroit Tigers in turn pushing it into the X Factor’s time area.
The X Factor will now air on Thursday from 8-10 pm and again on Sunday. Simon Cowell although calm doesn’t think this is a fair deal. However he wants his show to go on so the fact of the matter is, he is actually ok with the new time slots that they have put his show in.
Some of the judges aren’t happy either but what can be done? The baseball series has to be finished and there is no other time era when it can be finished up except during Simon Cowell’s X Factor slot.
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