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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Shahrukh Khan planning ‘RA.One’ sequel

Could not get enough of SRK’s sci-fi ilm ‘RA.One’? Then this reports is for you! The follow up to ‘RA.One’ is absolutely on the cards, and this occasion around the film will likely be named ‘G.One’. Shah Rukh’s near pal Mushtaque Sheikh, who was also part of the ‘RA.One’ writing staff, has verified that the follow up is on. He says that right now everybody was soaking in the achievement of the film, and that they would shortly start work on part 2.Mushtaque added that he’d currently had chats along with SRK about the ‘general direction’ the follow up would take. He also says that the way the last film ended obviously confirmed that more was on the cards. In an earlier interview along with a Television channel, SRK had also says that he was keen on creating a sequel.And in the next part of the sequence, the focus would be clearly on his role G.One. SRK also says that he desired the next film to be called G.One.

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