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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lady Gaga Is Launching Her Own Social Network

Lady Gaga has always made an effort to personally connect with her fans, even collectively naming her Little Monsters. Now the eccentric singer is creating an entirely new platform for interacting with her fans online with site completely dedicated to her loyal followers called Gaga is working with Backplane - a company she's invested in - to help create the monster-centric networking site and bring her even closer to her adoring fan base.

Though not yet operational, visitors are encouraged to submit their names and email addresses on the site, which will generate the automatic response: "Your invitation request has been received! We're excited to share the world of LittleMonsters with you very shortly, keep an eye out for an official invite sometime soon." The early sign-up places applicants in the site's database so they can receive word as soon as the site launches and gain exclusive insight into Gaga's world.

It wouldn't be surprising if Gaga's site makes great strides in the internet community since she is already quite the social media guru. Last month, the "Born This Way" songstress became the first person to reach 18 million Twitter followers and prior to that, she was the first to hit the 10 million mark. Who knows what heights her popularity will reach by this time next year if her followers are no longer limited to 140 characters per message? The possibilities are endless! To learn more information about the site and how to be part of the "new community" of Gaga lovers, click here.

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