Housefull 2 – Music Review

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Housefull 2 – Music Review

Music Album: Housefull 2: The Dirty Dozen

Music Critic: Mukul Kumar Sharma

Music: Sajid-Wajid

Lyrics: Sameer Anjaan

Director: Sajid Khan

Producer: Sajid Nadiadwala

Cast: Akshay Kumar, John Abraham, Mithun Chakraborty, Rishi Kapoor, Ritesh Deshmukh, Boman Irani, Shreyas Talpade, Asin Thottumkal, Zarine Khan, Jacqueline Fernandes, and Shazahn Padamsee.

Sajid Khan, the host and dost of Indian cinema has always struck gold with his paisa vasool entertainment. The films that he makes and creatively crafts out attract to both the classes and masses. And the same could be said about the Music of his films too. While ‘Mast Kalandar’ and ‘Dhanno’ from his previous films (Heyy Baby and Housefull) have gone on records to become chartbusters and are still played at DJ nights and discos, his Housefull 2 album is enveloped with foot tapping and tadkedar songs.

With the music composer duo Sajid-Wajid already basking in their Dabanng 2 glories, they have surely come up with a winner yet again. Most of the album’s songs are a rage already and how! The music has opened up to mammoth response from public and critics even after all the controversies lining it.

Much to people’s knowledge, the film’s music was leaked even before the official release of the Music album. But on the contrary, this one’s triumphed at the victory point with consummate ease. Sajid-Wajid intelligently blends peppy Punjabi beats with western rythm and what is created is Pure Magic! Sajid Khan has ears for good music and the fact is evident from the way he subtlety trudges his music numbers to become all time chartbusters. An album that lights up one’s mood is a complete entertainment package!

From the upbeat Papa toh Band bajaaye! To the desi Anarkali and the oh-so-romantic Right Now Now Now, the album is flooded with spice and variety. Though there are only four songs in the album of eight, with the other four being mainly remixes, Housefull 2 is all set to be one of the biggest turners in the market. Thanks to its effortless composition!

For now, let’s decode the songs:

1. Papa Toh Band Baajaye

Rating: 4

The song that amplifies the essence of Housefull, is actually a sequel of sorts to the much famed Papa jag jaayega from Housefull. A completely innovative and quirky catchphrase, Papa Toh Band Bajaaye is an ode to Celebration, something the Housefull team is always filled with. This one is surely grabbing too many eyeballs, be it the children, the youth or the elderly. Neeraj Shridhar’s voice melts in your ears like butter and what eventually comes out is a hilarious over the top song that is in turn very appealing.

The lyrics are a credible high point in this 5 minute number. With a hint of rock and roll and jazz put in at periodic intervals, this song is highly retrospective of the generation that’s passed. Adding on to the USP is our retro favourites Mithun da, Rishi Kapoor and Randhir Kapoor performing and jiving to this perky number.

2. Anarkali disco Chali

Rating: 4½

Over the past two years, that has been an advent of hugely popular and beguiling item numbers. Be it the rudtic Munni to the modern Sheila, from the desi Shalu to our Jalebi Bai, from Chhammak Chhallo to the very recent Chikni Chameli, item songs have unarguably rocked charts over the years whatsoever. Item dances might become quite like the prototype norms for a film but the benefits that one reaps out of it is unquestionable! With Sajid Khan being at the helm of things, you cant expect anything less than this.

So, with Housefull 2, he reproduces his Dhanno brain child to concoct a song, which sent the nation into a tizzy. With the perfect pairing of the Munni Badnaam team, things couldn’t go wrong. With Anarkali Disco Chali, Mamta Sharma’s rustic voice returns yet again to entice and bedazzle the tympanic chambers of a million. With such an infectious voice, Mamta’s rendition is infectious. When she starts off with ‘Chhor chharke aapne Salim ki gaali, Anarkali disco chali”, everyone would pipe in a movement or two. The ultimate dance number from the album, this one can surely be the next big thing. Plus, there is a power packed support from who else? Sukhwinder Singh!

This man is like a consort battleship: undermining him is difficult. A man made of halloumi, Sukhwinder Singh furnishes the song with indelible power and strength. We love!

3. Do you Know

Rating: 3½

Once you have a winning homerun, you know what to do the next time to retain the championship. Sajid-Wajid does exactly that. With beautifully penned lyrics from Sameer, the music composer duo amalgamates the incredible talents of two musical stalwarts to create alchemy beyond anyone’s imagination. Starting the song with an old ‘70s beat, Shaan goes ‘Is dil se shararaat hui hai, oh jaanemaan do you know?”.

And we go weak in our knees, errr ears! The angelic duet of Shaan and Shreya works wonders for this soothing song of Love. With Shaan’s voice providing the accurate tempo and Shreya providing her characteristic nazaakat and aada, this song just brings us to say one line for the composer and the singers;
”Humein tumse mohabbat hui hai, Oh jaanemaan do you know?”

4. Right Now, now!

Rating: 4

When Sajid-Wajid was making the Music for this film, supposedly there must have been strict instructions from the director Sajid to make the album compatible to Housefull, the latter being the prequel to the franchise! And the music composer duo does exactly that and they emerge victors. Effortlessly put, this song can take your ears on a visual treat, literally as it is edgy, peppy and vivacious. Newbie Suzanne goes ‘Do you want me? Do you need me?” and our heart pumps up to the rocking beats of this bubbly and sprightly number.

Sunidhi Chauhan, known for her characteristic naughtiness and quirky fun in her voice tone does justice to the song. Clearly one of the best singers of the world, Sunidhi takes the song to new heights and helps in enveloping the song with more buoyancy. But Wajid, the singer is tempting and can seduce your soul anytime! The slow wordings followed by raunchy beats are the high point of this one. And man, we can’t really get enough of this one!

5. Anarkali disco Chali (Hyper Mix)

Rating: 4

This one’s rightly titled, Hyper! The original one is much better than the remix and at times, the song turns too jazzy and a pain to follow up with. But nevertheless, the beats, rhythm used to belt out such a remix is encouraging and extremely coaxing to one who loves to dance! Malaika’s moves are outrageous and enticing; following them up to create a uniquely different version is what you can do with this one around. This remix is magnetic but lacks a little calmness and composure.

6. Right Now, now (Remix)

Rating: 4

The rap in the beginning is superb! “Do you want me? Do you need me? Wanna love me?” are the words the song opens up with and without a doubt, this scores over the original. The ratings might be same, since this is lively between the Anarkali and the original version of this number. The beats in this one are orgasmic. Somewhat similar to Oh girl Oh you are mine from the prequel, this one’s even more addictive and hooks you up anytime, every moment! Sunidhi’s voice sounds even better in the remix and Wajid does full justice to the song.

7. Anarkali disco Chali (Remix)

Rating: 4

The third version of the song, Anarkali disco Chali (Remix) is captivating and extremely riveting. Mamta’s earthy and desi voice is a perfect choice for the song! Move over Munnis, Sheilas and Chikni Chamelis, Anarkali is here! No wonder, Rakhi, I mean our favourite nautanki queen Rakhi Swant madamji would again create a stir. Reason? Aarey, she could dance better than Malaika in Anarkali. You bet? LOL! Coming back to the song, even this one is super rocking and a powerhouse of masala! For all the party animals, the three Sajids and a Wajid have spawned a reason for you to stay glued to the dance floor!

8. Do you Know (Remix)

Rating: 3½

The last track on an album, which is half filled with remixes, is also a head turner. From tip to toe, Sajid Wajid has managed honing their skills smoothly creating one chartbuster after another. Shreya and Shaan’s voices infuse Life into this romantic number. For real life couples, this can be your perfect bet for a cozy round of close dancing. The song is coy, and possesses a coquettish demure but for the lovebirds, this is one song made in heaven! Like their matches!

Overall, Sajid Khan and his directors Sajid-Wajid have belted out some of the best tracks of the first quartet with their jaw dropping compositions. From the start till the end, the songs are highly engaging and score immensely high on their appeal! Cleverly chosen, the songs add glamour and all the gravitas to a movie that is in itself a laugh riot! And now, with twelve of the eminent personalities in one frame, Sajid has got the winning strategy in hand. With music as an added benefit!

Our verdict:

With the year being a little gloomy on the musician’s and avid song buffs’ sides, this album is out and out recommended. While Chikni Chameli, Auntyji, and Hosanna continue to rule the charts, their albums on a whole were very average and mediocre. But with Housefull 2, I guess the jinx will finally be broken. We hope so! And we predict so! Raising a toast to three Sajids (the composer, the director and the producer of the film) and a Wajid for achieving this feat!

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