Priyanka Chopra at the launch of new Nikon cameras

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Priyanka Chopra at the launch of new Nikon cameras

Bollywood’s reigning Glam Diva, Priyanka Chopra, clearly justified the title as she looked utterly glamorous and beautiful at the launch of Nikon 1 V1 and J1cameras in Mumbai.

Priyanka left for the event in a huff as she tweeted on her social networking site, “On my way to the Nikon press conference..launching very cool cameras! But super late!! Eeep! Outfit crisis and then traffic!! Need a chopper.”

However, her graceful presence did not give a hint of any mess. She looked as ravishing as ever in a white outfit at the launch and said: “First of all, we are launching two of them (cameras): one is the J1 and the other one is the V1. The coolest aspect of both the cameras is that it’s actually a professional camera almost turned into a compact and stylish camera that you can carry… You can change lenses on it and it also has the coolest feature as per me: motion snapshot.”

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