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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bubba the Love Sponge: Behind Hulk Hogan Sex Tape?!?

Might Hulk Hogan actually be the first celebrity to ever be telling the truth about his sex tape?

In the days since his boinking session with Heather Clem went public, the grappler has insisted that he had no idea he was being videotaped while receiving oral sex and enjoying some old man intercourse.
THE Hulk Hogan

That's what they all say, right?

But TMZ has seen the final few minutes of the 30-minute tape, which concludes with Hogan's good friend - a DJ who goes by the moniker "Bubba the Love Sponge" - actually appearing on screen and telling Clem:
"If we ever did want to retire, all we'd have to do is use this footage."

Oh, right: Bubba was formerly married to Clem and, according to Hogan, was given permission to sleep with her six years ago when the tape was filmed.

Clem does not sound enthusiastic about selling out Hulk, shooting down Bubba's idea and forcing him to recant on video.

Asked about the seeming certainty that his best friend played a role in releasing the tape now, Hogan - who has filed a police report and seems intent on tracking down the culprit - tells TMZ:
"I'm sick to my stomach" over that likelihood.

He also says he confronted Bubba over the possibility after the video first surfaced on Gawker and told him: "If you had anything to do with this, that means we were never friends."

Where does it go from here? Will charges be filed against Bubba? Was Hogan actually in on it and this is all an elaborate ruse? A long con?

All we know is this: we've spent way too long thinking about a 59-year old man naked.

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