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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

OMG Oh My God! Gets a Amul Hoarding!

Amul’s advertisements quite often are touted as one of the best advertising concepts till date in our country.

Their ads have touched the hearts of millions of Indians since decades with strategically placed hoardings. Amul ads are known for their creativity, humour and topicality. For any film to get mentioned in the campaign it’s a blessing in disguise and it reflects success as the ads are known to become an instant hit.

OMG Oh My God! Amul Hoarding!

OMG Oh My God! Amul Hoarding!
The latest to join the Amul hoardings bandwagon is OMG Oh My God!, a film which is having a dream run at the box office and making records even overseas.

The hoarding features the Amul girl on a super bike aping Mod-God Akshay Kumar’s avatar in the film with a creative caption to match.

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