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Sunday, November 25, 2012

I want to look like Millennium Miss Universe at 60: Lara Dutta

The very gorgeous Lara Dutta certainly looks beautiful, ever since when she won the beauty pageant till now when she is the mother of an adorable girl. The beauty had for all the time took care of her complexion just to look ever-beautiful, such that she wants to be called as Miss Universe even when she turned into sixty-year-old.
Lara, who won the coveted crown of Miss Universe in the year of 2000, recently said in an event that she wants to look as beautiful as she is now at the age of her 60. She says, "I would like it that when I'm sixty years old, someone walking down the street sees me and says - this many years ago she was Miss Universe".
Lara Dutta wants to be Miss Universe at 60
The actress wants to look good to believe that, and thus is now going to make sure to take of care of herself in such a way that she looks like a Millennium Miss Universe when she is pretty much sixty-year-old, added by Lara Dutta at the event.
Well Lara, you surely look and will certainly look ever-beautiful, even at 90 of your age!

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